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About us

In operation for over 40 years in the region, our clinic has transformed on April 1st 2018 by becoming the first operational Super-clinic in Vaudreuil-Soulanges.

Our GMF (Family Physician Group) is made up of 16 family doctors working together with health professionals (nurses, social workers, pharmacists, etc.) to better serve their patients. These latter will probably remember signing the contract on their first visit with their family doctor in order to register to the GMF. The GMF physicians ensure the follow-up of their patients by offering different types of appointments, including quick appointments for their patients but also for the patients of their colleagues. They also participate in the GMF-R (minor emergency clinic/Super-clinic) and some also do activities outside the clinic such as hospitalization, emergency or CHSLD.

Our GMF physicians are supported by a team of 13 additional general practitioners working at the GMF-R (walk-in clinic/Super-clinic). The GMF-R is open to the entire population, for patients with or without a family doctor. Multiple services are available on-site such as a radiology clinic (open 7 days a week), physiotherapy, a pharmacy, as well as specialist consultants.

What is Advanced Access?

It is a new way of appointment scheduling that aims at improving accessibility to your family doctor for better management and continuity of care. Being registered to a family doctor means that, whenever possible, you should always try to see your doctor before going to another clinic. Advanced Access allows access to your family doctor when you really need it, whether it’s for an acute health problem, a follow-up, or a periodic exam. Unless told otherwise by your doctor, it is now up to you to take your appointments, by phone or internet.

Our goal is to offer our patients, depending on the urgency and as far as possible, an appointment within 2 weeks. You will understand that, from time to time, delays can be longer (hospital duty, temporary increases in appointment demands, vacations, etc.), so you may be asked to call back later. However, if you have an urgent problem and your doctor is not available, you can ask to see a colleague of your family doctor. Finally, if we could not offer you an appointment, the minor emergency clinic (GMF-R) remains accessible to you.

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